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america at its worst, and the war with japan ended i was on a cruise ship bound for germany and was ordered to go down into the hold of the ship from gambling. i had no idea there were any bikes on the step, this went on until i became a security policeman in germany and was called up, a shootout for black american soldiers partly because there were many german girls who love to date black soldiers and there were many white soldiers in an outbreak here. in germany we spent a year, wasn't experienced the first time and introduced me to a racial issue. and there was also the holocaust of course. and some many survivors and protected them going into the streets. summery called truckload after truckload of survivors. i was opened up to a lot of new things. and to go to college i was very much interested in the racial issue even though i failed to take part in the actable civil rights movement, i read their wasn't anything, when i was in graduate school or hovered, very distinguished historian from berkeley, and teach at harvard and the fire department and we became good things -- good f
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1